4 ways to book your classes:

  • Online Booking System: Mindbody App 
  • WhatsApp us @ 9151 0178
  • Book through our website (
  • Contact us via Facebook or Instagram


  • Please come dressed in appropriate workout attire (e.g. Sweat top with tights)
  • Please bring along suitable footwear
  • We highly recommend cross trainer shoes
  • Please ensure that your workout shoes are clean and free from mud/sand etc…


  • Please arrive 15 minutes before class for registration
  • Class starts on time and we regret to inform that latecomers will not be allowed into the class
  • Keep your belongings in the locker and wait for class to start at the rest area
  • If you did not bring your own water, fret not – Drinks are available for sale at the studio!


Classes for the following week are available for booking every Friday from 5pm onwards. The class schedule will be available for viewing the day before. You can make your bookings in 4 ways:

1) Online booking system: Search on iphone :Mindbody App
*if you are new to THE BATTLEGROUND, search for “THE BATTLEGROUND”

2) Email:

3) Instagram: @thebattlegroundsg

4) In person at our studio reception

Walk-ins are welcome for classes but we highly recommend using the 4 booking methods mentioned above to ensure that you secure a slot for the class.

Regulars: Please be present 10 minutes prior to class commencement.

First Timers: Please be present 15 minutes prior to class commencement to complete the indemnity form. The studio reserves the right to deny your entry if you are not present 15 minutes before the class commences. ​

Kindly take note that ALL classes will start strictly on time.

Our classes all start with brief introduction, and warm up exercises to prevent injuries. In order for each class to commence without any disruption or distraction, we appreciate your effort in ensuring your timely arrival before the start of the class.

Please be reminded to cancel your booking(s) 10 hours before class commencement. We regret to inform that latecomers will be denied entry and have their slot(s) assigned to others on the waiting list. If you are not present by the time the class commences, it will be deemed as a no-show and there will be no refund.

In order for us to have enough slots to go around, we would appreciate for all members to cancel their classes early. Unfortunately, if you cancel outside the late cancellation window or do not show up for your class, penalty applies:

1. Late cancel: Class credit will be forfeited & online booking privileges suspended. Class credit will be forfeited & online booking privileges suspended for 2 weeks.

2. No Show: Class credit will be forfeited & online booking privileges suspended for 4 weeks.

2. Unlimited Package: the expiry date will be brought forward by 2 days (expires 2 days earlier) & online booking privileges suspended accordingly.

If you are unable to book a slot, it means that the class is full and you will be placed on the waiting list. Otherwise, please do not hot hesitate to give us a call!

Not to worry, if you can’t seem to book and get the notice that “you are out of the scheduling window”, it is probably that the schedule is not available to book yet. Schedule for the following week is available for booking on Friday at 5pm. We release the schedule earlier for viewing.

There are no membership fees to join us. We go by per session and we have different packages available. Everyone and anyone is welcome to try our classes without paying additional membership fees.

Yes! Packages can be split with friend(s). With the exception of unlimited package and student package. 

*Please indicate who you are sharing the package upon purchase. Package validity will be divided accordingly as per your purchased package validity. Once you have advised us on who are splitting the package with, no further changes will be allowed. 

For example, package validity for 10 class is 2 months. If you were to split the package with a friend (5 credits each), your package validity with be 1 month respectively. 

If a class is full, please place your name on the waitlist. An email will be sent to you once a spot opens up. 

Members who are bumped into to the class from the waitlist are considered confirmed attendees of the class. Members are responsible for tracking their own waitlist classes and whether they have been bumped into the class or not. You will received an automated email when you get bumped into class. 

Class credit is strictly non-extendable. 

However, if you have any concerns regarding your class credits, please write it to us at  

Please come dressed in appropriate workout attire (e.g.: Sweat top with tights) and exercise shoes. Do ensure that you are decked in a pair of comfortable shoes.


We provide exercise towels, complimentary day lockers. 

There are no shower facility in the studio. However, there is 1 communal shower room located on the same floor. We provide bath towels and shower amenities. 

  1. Download MindBody App (

  2. Create your own Mindbody account. Once created, sign-in your account. 

  3. Click on “SEARCH” and type “The Battleground“. Click on The Battleground. 

  4. Click on “Classes” to see the class schedule for the day.

  5. Click on “Business” to see the class schedule and favourite our studio for quick access to our schedule.

  6. Click on “Book” to reserve your slot(Do note that each MindBody account can only book for 1 person. If you will like to reserve group booking, please contact us via WhatsApp (+65 9151 0178)

  7. You will receive an email confirmation for your class booking. 

All bookings can be done via Mindbody App. 

We recommend that you reserve a slot through Mindbody App before heading down to the studio. Alternately, you can contact us via our landline +65 6262 2272 or WhatsApp us at +65 9151 0178.  

The student package offer is exclusively applicable to individuals aged 25 years and below. The package can solely be purchased in person at the studio, upon presenting a valid student identification card.

Student promo package is strictly non-refundable, non-transferable, non-shareable and non-exchangeable.